Basic Cat Care Tips for a Great Start

Aside from dogs, cats are also one of the most popular animals chosen as a pet. They are fun and gentle at the same time, having something soft and warm to cuddle with after a long day. If you’re still new to cat ownership, there are still so many things you need to learn about caring for your cat aside from getting to know your pet more. To help you get started, here are some basic cat care tips to help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Gather the Essential Supplies

Cats need some basic supplies similar to other pets such as water and food bowls, bed, collar, toys, carrier, treats, and many more. However, there are also other supplies that are exclusive for cats only such as scratch pads, scratching post and catnip. If you’re planning to own a cat, be sure that you have all the basic supplies needed to make everything a lot more convenient. You could even add more things to the list to spoil your little fur ball more.

Wellness Appointment

Just like us, humans, cats also need their regular appointment with the vet especially if it’s a new cat. Schedule a cat wellness appointment with a vet to get expert tips on how to properly care for your cat. Your cat could also get vaccinations and parasite prevention treatments to keep it at top health. The vet would also recommend the right diet plan that suits your cat and give you tips to make cat care a lot easier.

Follow Proper Feeding Guide

Since the vet will give you the appropriate diet for your cat, it is best to stick to it and set a regular daily schedule on when you will give the feed. Aside from giving your pet the right food that is best for its health, be sure that your cat also stays hydrated all day long especially during summer months. Replace water on bowls every day or you could opt for water fountain drinking bowl instead.

Grooming and Hygiene

Aside from healthy food, your cats also need proper hygiene and grooming to keep them looking good and clean all the time. Brushing the fur, trimming the nails, and cleaning the teeth are just some of the few steps you should do to keep your cat clean. If your cat loves to stay indoors more, keep all the dirt by having a litter box instead. Be sure to look for the best cat litter trays and boxes for your precious pet to keep your home clean and maintain your cat’s hygiene as well.

Keep Them Active

Cats, especially those that stay a lot indoors, need a lot of interaction to keep them active and healthy. It also helps your cat overcome boredom especially when you’re not at home. Provide your kitty with toys and games to keep them active and preoccupied.

With those simple tips above, you could now start your cat ownership journey a lot smoothly.

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