Best and Healthy Dog Treats

The treats for your dog should also be healthy and nutritious, just like its regular feed. Since treats are so small and just disappears quickly from your hand, it is so easy to overfeed your dog with it which could then contribute to health issues when given in excess. Since a lot of dog owners are already conscious with what they feed to their dog, more and more dog food and treats are now made from healthy and nutritious ingredients that contain low calories.

When choosing dog treats, the flavour shouldn’t also be sacrificed for the nutritional content. Look for a treat that your dog would enjoy and is also good for its body. Here are some of the best and healthy dog treats you could offer to your fur buddy.

Jerky Sticks

One of the simplest yet healthy treat for your dog is jerky sticks. These treats come in different varieties such as beef, chicken, turkey, and other meats. The meat is slow-smoked for hours until the desired texture is achieved.

Your dogs would surely love the meaty goodness in every bite. When choosing jerky sticks, look for ones that don’t contain fillers such as gluten, soy, wheat, and others. Also, check the label to be sure that it doesn’t have artificial ingredients as well for an all-natural healthy treat.

Raw Meat Chunks

Dogs are naturally designed to eat raw meat. It may not be that common yet but giving your dog small chunks of raw meat as a treat are truly healthy and enjoyable for your fur buddy. You could choose from a variety of safe meats for dogs such as chicken, beef, and many more. In fact, chicken necks are the perfect treat for your dog since it rich in natural protein plus your dog just couldn’t resist the flavour of fresh raw meat.

Dog Biscuits

If you love making treats for your dog, then this one is surely a must-try. Dog biscuits are another healthy treat for your dog. These treats usually come in different flavours, depending on which one your dog likes. Look for dog biscuits that are low in fat so it doesn’t cause harm to your dog when you have given a bit too much. Be sure that it is made from natural ingredients and contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for your dog’s health.

Beef Liver Bites

For dogs that love raw food so much, this is a treat they surely couldn’t resist. Beef liver bites are rich in protein and iron which helps in keeping your dog healthy every day. Since it is made from pure raw meat, all the goodness is still intact and it would awaken your dog’s natural craving for meat. Look for beef liver bites that doesn’t contain fillers, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. There are freeze-dried versions available in the market which is a lot easier to store and feed your dogs.

Choosing the best for your dogs is really important especially when it comes to their food. With those healthy treats, you can be sure that your dogs will enjoy and be healthy always.

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