Dog Owner Guide: All You Need to Know About a Front Clip Harness

Attempting to alternate their motions through a slight force can be a bit tricky initially, for both the dogs and their owners. Introducing your dogs to a front clip harness might require a certain amount of adjustment from their end. However, with a bit of time, using a front clip harness can prove to be quite useful indeed. Keep reading as well tell you everything you need to know about putting on a front clip harness to our dogs.

How does a front clip harness work?

Dogs often tend to turn or pull and as a pet owner, it can be hard to control especially if the dog is a headstrong one. Having a front clip harness on your dog provides you with the possibility to control its excessive movements including pulling due to the fact that the harness makes then turn their chest around to face you. Using a clip harness provides your dog with a training method in regards to such cases. 

The different styles of front clip harness

Despite what you may think, front clip harnesses does indeed come in a few different styles, giving you the flexibility to choose from one that works best for you and your dog.

  • Sensible harness: Limited in colour options, a sensible harness is one with a single clip and formed in the shape of an O and are just like dog collars, however it’s worn much below the dog’s neck/collar point.
  • Wonder walker: Unlike the above style, a wonder walker comes in a variety of colours. It has more clips in comparison to a sensible harness. A wonder walker helps avoid the harness from slipping down its neck.
  • Freedom harness: like the name says, a freedom harness provides a sense of lightness and comfort to a dog while keeping the harness strapped in for its purpose. This style of front clip harness also comes in various colours and has certain unique features as per each model.

What are the advantages of a front clip harness?

  • Helps avoid pulling: Front clip harnesses are known to discourage the dogs from pulling. The redirection with the help of such harness can eventually bring it’s pulling down in time a great notch.
  • Prevention of injuries: Often with the use of a harness, you avoid putting pressure on a single point of the dog’s body. The pressure cause from its pull and your hold back is evenly speeded across with the help of a good harness. The lack of strain applied prevents your dog from injuries or even skin irritation.
  • Better sense of control: talking your dogs to walk with a front clip harness allows you to have a better sense of control. It may even encourage them to walk by your side in practiced time. This not only leads to healthier and safer walks, but also makes walking with your dog’s less stressful and more enjoyable.

A front clip harness can be the saviour you and your dog just need.

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