Useful Tips for Efficiently Training Your Dog

Once you had your new puppy or dog home, one of the first things that would come into your mind is on how to train and teach him proper behaviour as a pet. You wouldn’t want your dog snacking on your shoes or that rug at the doorstep that’s why training him from the start is an important step in dog ownership.

Most people opt to train their pet personally. However, if you don’t have much free time, you can get a private dog trainer instead but you should still know the basics in dog training to help in the successful training of your pet. Whether you do it yourself or leave it to a trainer, here are some useful tips you could apply in dog training.

Use Your Dog’s Name Positively

Naming your new puppy or dog is one of the most exciting experiences as a pet owner. Choose a name that is short yet has an emphasis on the end when you call it out. It is easier for the dog to remember and identify short names when you call them.

If your dog came from a shelter or a breeder, most likely he already has an old given name. Dogs can adapt quickly and you can simply change their name with what you like – they’ll surely get used to it after a few weeks. Also, be sure to associate his name with positive experiences when you call him – such as feeding time, a walk or a treat.

Reward Positive Behaviour

Positive reinforcement is a very useful tool in training dogs. If your pet has done something good such as coming near when being called, staying behaved and calm, and keeping out from things he is prohibited from, be sure to reward this behaviour to encourage him from doing it.

There are plenty of ways to reward positive behaviour such as giving treats, toys or even your simple touch or pat on the head. If he knows which behaviour is good, he will then do it more often. If you’re looking for items that could help you in training your dog, check out this collection of pet training supplies.

Set the House Rules

As your new dog gets home, set the house rules for him on the first day. Make it clear what things he is allowed and not allowed to do, which places are off-limits and spots that he’s allowed in, and a lot more. Setting up house rules on the first day makes it easier for your dog to adjust quickly and avoid confusion for both the owner and the pet. Also, don’t forget to make a private space for your dog which he could relax and be comfortable in. This can help a lot in training your dog on how to behave well especially around people.

Aside from all those tips, don’t forget to praise your pet from time to time especially when he is showing good behaviour to encourage him to look forward on the next training sessions.

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