Reasons to invest in non-metal horse shoes this year onwards

The growth of a certain field can be identified based on several aspects. One such was is when you see that there is a number of options out of which you can choose one from. The shoe of the horse is mandatory in a whole new level given that they’re not wild ones, and the nature of the grounds that come in contact with them do not necessarily damage in the process. So, why should you go for non-metallic horse shoes this year?

Keep reading to find out.

  1. Decreased weight to carry

When the ancient horses were running out of the thickness of their sole, the people realized that it needed an extra layer. They came up with the shoe idea which was initially made out iron. Being a metal, we all know heavy it can be, and it was to the horses too. However, it got the job done as well. Then came aluminum along the way; the whole package, maybe less strength, but definitely the weight reduced. But when it comes to the plastic horseshoes, the weight will be extremely reduced, whilst ensuring there is a very sufficient strength.

  • Rules out the repetitive metallic vibrations

One of the hardest troubles that these creatures face with metallic shoes is the repetitive vibrations. When they’re running, each step creates an impulsive force. This force then is transmitted via the shoes, along the body to the head; think of what happens when you land on your heel. But as you can see, the impulsive cannot be stopped unless the horse stays in one place which doesn’t happen. However, the transmission can be stopped if there was a very less conductive material – which is anything non-metallic.

  • No risk of turning septic

The risk of tetanus, which is caused by an anaerobic bacterium (grows in low oxygen conditions), Clostridium tetani, is inevitable in horses, unless you are very observant. But what if you took off the causing factor, which is usually the contact of rusted iron with the flesh? When you replace the metallic horse shoes with the non-metallic ones, you simply do not get that risk. In fact, all the severe risks of a horse leg turning septic.

  • Secure the nature of the grounds

What if we are talking about show horses; the kind that hardly go out for racing or so? In an occasion like this, whilst their feet is not hurt in any way, you also would want to ensure that the grounds they walk on are not damaged in any way. Whilst the steel, the metallic ones are at the damaging corner of the spectrum, the non-metallic ones would always be non-marking. This is the single reason why you would not find steel-made shoes in show horses.

It is a choice that we ought to make depending on the situation. But the end result should be achieving what we want, whist ensuring that the creature is in the best shape.

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