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SUPER SPIRULINA FORTE TABLETS vegetable adhesive tablets with high content of spirulina (36%). Vegetable food in the form of adhesive tablets with high (36%) content of spirulina. Intended for young algae eating African cichlids and other small fish, including marine, whose diet requires a considerable share of plant material. When placed on the glass of the tank, tablets allow observation of fish feeding while placed at the bottom of the tank, they prove to be a perfect feeding solution for bottom feeding fish and crustaceans. Spirulina stimulates the immune system and facilitates digestion. It is the source of unsaturated fatty acids, easily assimilable protein, rich in essential amino acids, as well as vitamins and trace elements, which guarantee excellent condition, intensive growth and vitality. Carotenoids present in spirulina, including beta-carotene, ensure splendid coloration, when food is used regularly.

This food is also available in different forms: Super Spirulina Forte, Super Spirulina Forte Granulat, Super Spirulina Forte Mini Granulat, Super Spirulina Forte Micro Granulat, Super Spirulina Forte Chips, Super Spirulina Forte Mini Sticks

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