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Betta Granulat – premium basic granulated food for betta splendens with krill & bloodworms

Complete, granulated food for everyday feeding of fighting-fish and other labyrinth fish. Due to its optimally balanced composition and proper size of the granules it is eagerly eaten by all fighting-fish, gourami, Paradise fish and Colisa. Regular feeding enhances fish’s coloration. Most modern technologies used for production of BETTA GRANULAT guarantee the best quality.


several times a day with small portions. Complete feedingstuff for ornamental fish.


fish and fish derivatives, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustaceans, meat and meat derivatives (equivalents of fish meal), derivatives of vegetable origin, algae, yeasts, oils and fats, minerals.


Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect: vit. A 27 000 IU/kg, vit. D3 2 000 IU/kg, vit. E 130 mg/kg, vit. C 550 mg/kg.

Compounds of trace elements:

E1 iron 38.0 mg/kg, E6 zinc 10.2 mg/kg, E5 manganese 7.8 mg/kg, E4 copper 1.8 mg/kg, E2 iodine 0.2 mg/kg, E8 selenium 0.2 mg/kg, E7 molybdenum 0.04 mg/kg, E3 cobalt 0.012 mg/kg.


astaxanthin 80 mg/kg. Antioxidants.

Analytical constituents:

crude protein 50.0%, crude oils and fats 4.7%, crude fibres 2.0%, moisture 10.0%.


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