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From 4 months until maturity, a kitten’s growth rate actually slows and therefore their energy requirements are different. 

At the same time, it’s important to provide the right nutrient balance for optimal development. Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive Food Pouches are small tender chunks for second age kittens that have been formulated to fulfill their nutritional needs at such a key life stage.

Recommended: For kittens 4-12 months
Designed for Kittens
Kitten Instinctive features a smaller chunk size and the ideal chunk texture for kittens.
Boosts immune System
Includes mannan-oligosaccharides and an antioxidant complex (vitamins E and C, taurine and lutein) to help build the immune defenses of the young kitten.
Instinctively Preferred
Royal Canin has formulated KITTEN Instinctive™ to be instinctively preferred by second stage kittens. That means your kitten gets a formula it loves while getting the precise nutrition it needs at each and every feeding.
ABOUT THE BRAND: The ethos of the Royal Canin brand is based on its unique vision of the dog and the cat: the conviction that dogs and cats are not human beings but animals and as a result, true respect obliges us to treat them as such. True respect implies certain obligations, of which one is knowledge: to truly know the animal and understand its specific physiological and nutritional requirements, and, in consequence, guarantee it a "tailor made" food in line with its real nutritional needs.

Royal Canin's philosophy is therefore deliberately non-anthropomorphic. In the field of canine and feline nutrition, some manufacturers put the owners first and use them as the basis of all innovation. At Royal Canin, we put the dog and the cat at the heart of our research process: this is a radically different approach.
*Any feeding guide is exactly that - a guide - as energy requirements can vary up or down by 25 percent depending on the life stage, coat type, body conformation, age, environmental factors and activity levels. The days per bag of food has been calculated from the manufacturers feeding guide for the animal stated.


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