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Rats make great pets as they are intelligent and playful plus they love human interaction. 

If properly socialized they can grow up to become curious fun loving characters, happy to sit in your lap or climb up on your shoulder!

Duration 45 mins
As with any new pet it is always a good idea to prepare by getting some expert advice and this comprehensive pet rat care DVD takes you through everything you need to know to care for your pet rat to ensure the grow up healthy and happy.
My Pet Rat DVD covers the following:
The right housing
Pet rat feeding and health advice
Bedding and litter
Suitable pet rat toys and having fun
Types of Rat
How to understanding your rat's behaviour
Rat Facts - Did you know?
The fancy rat or pet rat is a domesticated breed of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus).
Rats are nocturnal and most active at night.
A group of Rats is called a Mischief, and in these groups they take care of the sick & injured.
Rats have an average life-span of 2-3 years.
Male rats are called bucks and female rats are called does.
The Rat is the first symbol of the Chinese Zodiac - A sign of cunning and prosperity.
The ancient Mayan civilization used to worship the Rat, as did the ancient Egyptians. Even today, there is a Temple in India devoted to rats, where hundreds of thousands scuffle around in safety and harmony with the human occupants.
They’re very clean, and spend hours every day carefully grooming themselves and each other.
Pet rats are seldom aggressive and will   quickly become your best friend. They are very intelligent and great problem   solvers. Rats will rapidly work out a maze or negotiate a slalom course. They   are always inventive and are easy to teach tricks to. They are herd animal by   nature and are happiest in groups of the same sex so it’s not advisable to keep   just one.
If you have other animals in the house such as a cat or dog, you’ll   have to be very careful as they could well view your rats as a meals on legs!   Likewise, rats see gerbils, birds, hamsters and mice as possible food, so never put them together.


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