Aquasonic Livebearer Water Conditioner 500g

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Livebearers come from a varied habitat, rain forest streams, brackish swamps, even salt water inlets.

Water changes and moving fish from one tank to another tend to leave livebearers susceptible to fungus and bacterial infections.
Livebearer provides natural salts and humic acids, recreating natural conditions

Aquasonics Livebearer Water Conditioner contains a mixture of salts, which provides natural minerals, trace elements, fungal and bacterial inhibitors suitable for all Livebearers and brackish water species. Livebearer Water Conditioner will help bring out natural vibrancy and colouration of fish as well as helping to improve their health by giving them optimal water conditions.
Livebearer Water Conditioner will raise hardness by ~110ppm, salinity by ~120ppm, and TDS by ~690ppm, when used at the recommended dose rate.
For best results add Livebearer Water Conditioner when starting up an aquarium, or after a water change is performed.


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