Aquasonic Blackwater Water Conditioner

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Aquasonics Blackwater Conditioner contains various humic acids, tannins, and organic acids that are often present in "Blackwater" conditions.

Blackwater Conditioner is an all natural product, so can be used with even the most delicate of species. Blackwater Conditioner will help improve colouration and health, improves spawning condition, and may enhance plant growth.

Blackwater Conditioner is suited to many Asian, African and South American species.
For best results add Blackwater Conditioner when starting up an aquarium, or after a water change is performed.

Many rivers, which are the natural habitat of tropical fish, are stained by peat, leaves, tannic and humic acids etc. These natural extracts act as disease inhibitors, help to induce spawning and cause fish to show better colours. Blackwater concentrate recreates the natural habitat of the blackwater rivers.


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