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Aquael Turbo Filter 1000 Aquael Turbo Filter 1000
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Aquael Turbo Filter 1500 Aquael Turbo Filter 1500
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Aquael Turbo Filter 2000 Aquael Turbo Filter 2000
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This starter kit includes:

  • a container for loose filter media with a capacity of 250 ml in the TURBO FILTER 500 model and 625 ml in the TURBO FILTER 1000, 1500, and 2000 models,
  • one BioCeraMAX Pro 600 cartridge for biological filtration,
  • one sponge of carefully selected density to ensure high filtering parameters for as long as possible

TURBO filters are available in three installation configurations: sponge only, container only, container plus a sponge. Additional containers for filter media can be bought separately. You can easily join them in columns thanks to a specially designed connection system. In this way, the filter can be transformed into a customised device with unique filtration parameters, carefully tailored to individual needs.

Product Recommended 
capacity of aquarium [l]
Energy [W] Maximum efficiency Colour
TURBO 500 MAX 150 4 500 Black
TURBO 1000 150 - 250 11 1000 Black
TURBO 1500 250 - 350 22 1500 Black
TURBO 2000 350 - 700 27 2000


SKU 6495
Brand Aqua

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