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Aqua One Spirulina Flakes have been specifically formulated to accommodate the needs of herbivorous fish which need more plant matter in their diet. Spirulina and Algae meal form part of a wholesome overall fish food recipe that provides a high protein content and is very easily digestible.

It is widely recognised that Spirulina offers a wide range of benefits for fish

    * It enhances their natural colours significantly with the carotenoid

      pigments that are concentrated in Spirulina algae.

    * It increases and promotes fishes growth by breaking down otherwise

      indigestible feed components, thereby extracting more nutrition from the feed and reducing the amount of waste.

    * Beneficial flora or bacteria that are stimulated by Spirulina displace

      harmful bacteria and lead to significant improvements in survival rates.

    * It stimulates the production of enzyms that transport fats within the fish’s

      body which results in reduced fat storage within the flesh and improved utilisation of fat for growth.

Aqua One Spirulina Flakes are particularly suitable for the needs of herbivorous fish, especially East African Cichlids and Livebearers like Platys, Mollies and Guppies.

The flakes can be fed daily or occasionally alongside Aqua One Tropical Flakes or Micro Pellets

    * Provides the extra portion of Spirulina and Algae for

      herbivorous fish

    * Contains Lecithin and Astaxanthin for healthy fish

    * Promotes beautiful colours

    * Can be fed on its own or as part of a mixed diet with Aqua One Tropical Flakes or Micro Pellets

Aqua One have added Astaxanthin, Lecithin and plenty of vitamins and minerals to our Spirulina Flakes to ensure that fish get everything they need for a healthy immune system, good fin development and beautiful colours.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein    Min 34%

Fat          Min 5%

Fibre       Max 5%

Moisture  Max 8%

Ash         Max 16%


Fish Meal, Soyabean Meal, Wheat Flour, Lecithin, Algae Meal, Spirulina, Astaxanthin, Fish Oil, Multi Vitamins, Minerals


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