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Aqua One Goldfish flakes are suitable for most coldwater species including Goldfish, Shubunkins and small fancy varieties. Formulated to be fed on a daily basis.

Aqua One Goldfish Food provide a powerful nutrient combination high in quality protein derived from fish meal and crustacean, designed to enhance the natural colour, improve the fin development and boost the immune system of all species of Goldfish  and most other cold water fish.

The Soyabean Meal used is packed with nutrients including Calcium, Magnesium and many B-complex vitamins and minerals as well as a group of chemicals called phytochemicals, which help prevent and heal common conditions and diseases. Lecithin helps the fish to absorb nutrients and utilize specific vitamin

A further ingredient, Astaxanthin, a red pigment that naturally occurs in fish and a natural antioxidant, provides the colouration in fish and makes up for the lack of natural pigment. It is also essential for the fishes proper growth. Alfalfa will help the fish to thrive in the aquarium.

Special krillhydrolysates are added for better digestion and absorbtion rate, therefore allowing maximum nutritional benefit for fish

Aqua One Goldfish Flakes are made from the highest quality ingredients with a great multi vitamin complex including plenty of Vitamin C which aids in healing existing wounds and boosting the immune system. A great mixture of fish meal and crustacean make the food exceptionally tasty for even the fussiest fish as well as making it highly digestible which helps to maintain a good water quality.

    * Powerful everyday diet for most coldwater species

    * Added Astaxanthin and Alfalfa for improved colour and health

    * Highly digestible krill and fish meal protein content to reduce waste level

    * Floating formula that does not cloud the water


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